Stuck in horse, thrall, apes, etc

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It seems to be getting more prevalent, getting stuck in any kind of mob, friendly or not. Knowing this has been reported many times with larger animals, it’s now happening with NPCs. I did warn @Larathiel to unfollow his horse and then didn’t follow my own advice.

Had this one been dangerous, it would not have been as funny. No amounts or kinds of restarts fixed it, but I was finally able to mount.

I wish I had taken an mpg of that ride. Since my character was not where it was supposed to be, the horse bucked all the way across the unnamed city and I was laughing too hard.

I finally got to a safe spot near a maproom and logged off for 15 minutes. The horse and thrall returned home, releasing me.

Still, it seems to be more prevalent.




I got stuck like that today. I was able to mount the horse by opening the radial interaction menu on it and selecting “mount”.

This (and the magical chairs that trap you in them) are why I keep ghost mode bound to a hotkey. Of course, that doesn’t help someone if they lack admin privileges. :frowning:

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