Stuck inside my following Thrall

Under the new AI, the Tharlls follow so closely that you frequently get stuck inside the Thrall. I have found jumping usually frees the player character from this, but in a combat situation, having to realize that you are stuck and extracting yourself can mean the difference between survival and death. The closeness of the Thrall follow can also at times cause your camera view to be from inside the Thrall. Slightly more distance between the PC and the Thrall would probably fix this.

This already happens on Live since a few weeks.

Might get fixed, might not. I feel your pain.

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Guys, You are doing a great job, We all love all you work on the game.
But, …
This thrall thing is still happening. Its on test and on live. I realy hope you will fix this bug before set the thrall nerve to live. You realy have to fix bugs before it goes to live. people will run away ad soe point, because the game isn’t playeble anymore if you keep doing this.
Again, I love your work on the game and hope you will get the time to fix things. Please tell your bosses, we want you to have more time to fix prblems.

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