Horse following too close

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE (Single player local)

After dismounting horse, horse in automatic follow mode follows too closely, often overlapping me. When overlapped/clipped by the horse I often cannot move. I can place the horse in guard mode a little way from me, and then I can move again.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced.

  1. ride a horse
  2. dismount
  3. walk a little way from the horse
  4. horse follows and stands directly on your position
  5. try to move, fail

Things that may or may not be related:
-I have my horse set to never attack
-if I have a human thrall following as well, sometimes the thrall follower will also come and stand directly on my position. This doesn’t seem to happen when I only have a human following.
-if I turn around and select “stop following” from the horse’s radial menu before moving at all, I can prevent the behavior. But if I move at all after dismounting, the horse will do its best to catch up to me and clip me


This issue occurs for me too. It only started happening after the Followers 2 Update patch. ALL of the followers follow too closely now since that patch. Given how big the horse is, it gets really annoying. It makes it highly likely to get stuck in horse collision. Not sure how no one complained about this on test live.

Additional info: Horse follows so close that it’s actually possible to damage your horse with the back-swing of a pickaxe. Same applies for some other pets. Please resolve this. EDIT: When I say “also occurs to me” I mean that it happens for me in all modes of the game. Single Player, Private Server, and Public Official PvP server.

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Very annoying. He follows me around while I’m mining resources and my pick axe is covered with blood :neutral_face:

Same, wayyy too close - the problem is th character is getting stuck inside horse - very annoying

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SIMILAR ISSUE: Horses/Thralls hugging too closely to player during combat

This issue existed before the last patch for me - part of the reason I rarely take the horse with me. Same thing happens with most pet creatures - they are right up my butt.

I agree here.
Mmy own horse simply walks into my melee strikes during combat.

Horses, camels and cats very often clip. In regards of player or camera collision, those animals don’t appear to have a hitbox for their head, so they always clip into you. Because of that, hostile animals will very often clip into me or my followers while fighting. If you participate in the fight (especially with the lock-on feature) you will also very often hit your own companion.

When harvesting, horse and camel will very often clip into me as well, getting hurt.

Also, often when the head of an animal reaches into my screen, the game thinks I’m targetting its head, usually resulting in my character aiming into the sky when trying to hit a rock or iron node.

Kinda don’t want to take any of those followers with me, since I find myself spending much time tip-toeing around these issues. Humanoid NPCs tend to behave a bit better in that regard.

Same here! I get stuck in the horses neck. Always have to jump out if it, and sometimes jumping not working either, and its worse when in combat, or at the elevator LOL.

Also many times the horse is not aligned to the ground. Either his front half has the legs in the air and the back side legs are half way in the ground, or vice-versa. Looks as he is going up or coming down the hill or the stairs, although the horse is on leveled ground.

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