Shield attack is broken

All type of game and server’s

If you hold a shield with 1h weapon, your damage from the heavy shield attack is calculating from your weapon, not shield.
Like an example: predator’s blade + shield. All heavy attack will deal only 1 damage, but shield damage is 40+. In same time shiel bonus attack (shield smash) is not applyed…
You can poison a shield, but when you hit with shield target is not getting poisoned.
Players can not be poisoned from shield attack, but MOBS getting poisoned when THEY HIT YOU in the shield (when you are blocking).

Not really a bug, nor is it “broken.” Just how it’s designed. Could it be improved? Sure, but it’s not a bug.


why are you shure that it so designed and not a bug? Shield have own AP and Damage numbers, and special move. 1h attacks is changed when shield is equiped. So shield is a weapon. More looks like a bug

Why am I sure it’s by design and not a bug? Because I’ve worked with the combat system a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


look like a good mode, but does anybody use it? )))
And it still no hyper-armor? If so, only PvE mod…And throwing bug damage is not fixed in your mode, yes? Accuracy has no effect on thorowing damage, even lvl3 perk…

Yes, UnknowmMantra, many people use Multigun’s mods and he is well known for keeping them up to date. What you saw was only an example, and not designed to obviate your issue.




can you may be give some good servers with this mods? I never met any yet… (pvp)

Sorry, but I can’t. I don’t PvP so have no experience with them.

I did try to see if mods are listed in the server selection screen, but did not find anything.

There are several places you could look, though. There is one on this board, There is also a recruitment section on the Wiki Discord, separated by controller device. Since I connected long ago and do not know the address, perhaps some kind soul here could provide it.

Good luck !



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