Shield Cambion feels... weird

The Shield Cambion feels… weird

It has more health that a regular Cambion, and the shield, and a rapid-fire attack with a relatively large hitbox. If it’s meant to be a “heavy Cambion” in a similar vein to something like a Siege Behemoth vs Behemoth situation, then that makes sense, but otherwise maybe the regular Cambion should be the one with the faster attack? Dunno.

It’s just, having an enemy that requires more precise shooting and also has significantly more health makes for an acceptable “we tanked 'em up” variant, it’s only the new attack that feels off since it also visually occludes the part of the enemy you’re actually supposed to shoot to not hit the shield.

I LOVE having to use positioning, precise shooting and/or a specific weapon or ultimate to bring down a Shield Cambion, it’s specifically the rapid-fire attack that feels like it doesn’t belong. Maybe that should be given to the regular Cambion instead?

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