Shield master perk bugged, taking more damage when blocking 2 hand axe vs not blocking, costs full bar of stamina

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
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Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

starmetal Two hand axe - heavy attack. will randomly cost an entire stamina bar to block using the shield master perk. but other times will only cost maybe 60 stamina to block. 2 Hand axe taking 100% of stamina bar randomly - bug - replicateable - YouTube

the shield master perk is bugged and something is causing the blocking of the heavy to do random amounts of stamina cost. and do more HP damage than if you did not block at all. if it breaks and bugs out costing 100% stamina bar the pvp is over because of this bug. please fix this. the perk does not work at all.

it does not seem related to gear at all. i have a video of it testing all variables. and it randomly goes from costing 100% stamina bar to only costing 60. going back to costing 100%. 2 Hand axe taking 100% of stamina bar randomly - bug - replicateable - YouTube

Bug Reproduction:

step 1. play conan.
Step 2. pick shield master perk.
step 3. find someone with a max dmg two hand axe (87+)
step 4.block a heavy attack from a 2 hand starmetal axe or axe of the legion.
step 5. you block it using the perk. removes 100% of your stamina in 1 swing AND deals extra damage. killing you instantly in pvp. (with a small chance to only cost 60 to block it)
step 6. repeat the fight hoping this time the code works (spoiler it wont)
step 7. lose 300000% stamina from 1 heavy axe hit again and die to shield master bug. make forum post since you cant pvp with this attribute being unstable.

literally everything needed for proof of the bug being random and testing different variables is in the youtube link.

You dropped your other thread :slight_smile:

I poked around a bit, and this is definitely a bug, however it seems to be some very elusive issue…

The cause of the damage I found out, that part is clear :slight_smile:

What’s happening is that under certain conditions the Shield Master 4x block cost is applying to the health damage type as well, which it should never ever do :slight_smile:

As you can see on that image, it’s hitting the players with quite the damage because of the 4x multiplier and they also get this for stamina ofc.

The elusive part is… why is this only happening sometimes… in the short time I looked, I couldn’t find any reason for it… and a lot of times the block is perfectly normal, the only way I can trigger it is by repeatedly restarting PIE (play in editor / the game basically) and then when I manage to get it, it will do it every single time without exception.
Hence why I think it’s either some weird timing issue… or something weird happening in the parts that I can’t see…

However what’s happening is that in these cases, we get the full damage multiplied by that 4 (not the shield block reduced damage - which should ideally be 0% for health and like 8-9% for Stamina) so… this part of the code would most likely prevent it, if an OR “Not has the CanBlockAllPerk” would be added to that condition, since then it would always run the shield mitigation code after it when blocking with shield master. I still don’t get what’s mitigating the damage when it just decides to work and doesn’t run into that part of the code… cuz based on this… it should always do this… it’s… magic :slight_smile:

This is just shooting in the dark :man_shrugging: but maybe it’s helpful…


this is amazing thank you! i’ve put in at last 6 manual tickets to funcom and they refuse to even look into it, or acknowledge it. not a single dev or community rep will respond to me even saying “we will look into it”

hopefully this helps push them in the right direction of trying to fix it. because it legit ruins pvp when it decides to cost infinity stamina and do extra damage ontop of that.

thank you so for much for helping prove this!!

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They often don’t respond, though a Report-Received tag at least might be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah :frowning: it would be nice. one can only dream

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your report. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

We appreciate your patience while we review this matter.


Ask and ye shall receive.

Devs, i need a million dollars please. My bank account is bugged :japanese_ogre:

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