Shoebill carcass repair option in taming pen?

A shoebill egg was placed in the compost ben along with a spider egg.
From the first look, they both hatched.
I took them to the taming pen and attempted to deposit them in the pen with appropriate foods.
The spiderling went in without any issue, but the shoebill chick would not transfer, but remain in my inventory and I couldn’t understand why until I took a closer look to discover the chick had died.
But instead of dropping it on the ground or taking the carcass to process for raw materials, I placed the chick carcass into the “food” area of the pen.
That’s when I noticed something unusual about this.
Suddenly, I noticed a “repair” option pop up when the chick carcass was placed into the food storage.
So, out of curiostity I hit the repair button and to my surprise, I get a popup notification that showed I don’t have the expertise to repair this,

I’ m a little disappointed that I cannot repair this poor animal.
So, here is my question,
If I don’t have the expertise to bring a dead shoebill chick back to life …
If no such expert exists in the game to do this, why is there a repair option?


Are you on test live? I am on ps4 recently let a scorpion because of not paying attention didn’t hit repair although may sacrifice something to check or it could be a glitch interested in finding out.

Sestus, I’m running on a regular rented server with the current version without mods.
Not testive.

Ok tomorrow I have a bunch of extra baby rhinos will let on expire and see what happens.

Only the Gods themselves can revive the dead

This is simply a bug tho. Sometimes you can see the repair option on food, or anything with a timer for that matter.

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