Silvar Morgan Rosalia's screenshots

Katalamatiya (Futur Amazone’s Queen) matiya mean Queen in my lore.

Bartholomé Cadvallon Ap Dredke (It’s an old family, they live in Aquilonie, Cimmerie, Hyperborean and they are secretly influent in the whole world. They have eyes everywhere they’re objectif are not clear but they could do anything bad to obtain what they want even if it take years or century because it’s a family enterprise we could say nowadays, a member of this family was Casualis Cadvaladrius aka Casusu for friends. A young men who have organized his own exiles for running away from is whole family. He is too kind, too good, too virtue. He love cooking and wanted to do it as full time job even if he know many thing due to his education. Commandant Perilus have trained him at Osana and now he is actually maybe the best warrior in the whole exiles land (but before the 2.4 update lol). Osana is a city placed on the oasis in the savane. A city known from all exiled. Casusu best friend is Crasusu aka Crasus Pey fils de pon, mais ça n’ a rien à voir and Petrutru aka Petrus) Casualis thinking he was safe from is family, free to live is own life. But one day on the Telith island a massacre happened. He and a friend Dolores (a pirate) find an amulet with the head of a red dragon (Drake+red=Dredke) as only one clue. Casualis couldn’t believe this. He start losing his envy to live. Since he doesn’t know what to do. Bartholomé is someone pretty good yet. He is the only person in the family who could have a nice discution with Casusu.

Kambujan/Amazon style:

Humpataka call himself “the tail’s pack” and call his big brother Ken Ta “the head of the pack”. He try to push his big brother to be the chief. Ahe! Oha! In the tribe he’s well know for playing the dumbass when meeting more civilized people who take them from higher. He love play with them until he win some gain and than he is showing them he’s true personnality. (Only for commercial purpose for amuse his clan mate and winning the final trashtalk.) Most of the time he is a serious person working hard for his tribe. Ah! And he make noises when eating. (And he eat often)

Because a tavern’s pirate must have a good face (The first shot of it’s categorie has been take after the 2.4 update):

Is it Teal’c? : Indeed…

More to come.