Silver coin receipe Missing

Game mode: [Online | pve sever 3728]
Problem: Missing receipe
Region: [NA]

Sorry if this was adress before i tryied to find a post about it and i could not find one

Hello Funcom, Ladies and Gentlements !! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: I know this happend a couple weeks ago after a patch, but for some reason it’s back, and now i wanna what cause it and how to fix it. i did craft a bunch of coin and went to get more silver,made my bars and when i got to my blacksmith bench the second time, the receipe is gone for silver coin but the one for gold is still there. is there a cap on how much you can craft a day.
Thanks you for all the reresponse to this much apriciated. Much love :heart::heart::heart: and KeepOnGaming !!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.craft a bunch of silver coins
2.go do other stuff
3.try to craft other silver coin
4.receipe of silver coins missing

Hello @Lordgangsta29, thank you for your submission and kind words!

We’re going to forward this information to the team, so that they can look into it.

Since you’ve mentioned that this has happened before, did the issue go away by itself and just return?

Could you please note if it still occurs after the server restart, or if you try using a different crafting bench?

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Good Day @Hugo :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:!! First, i’ve tryied in all my bench (normal and improved) and wasen’t there. i had to go to work so not much time to test it. I don’t know when it came back, but after the patch download and the restart of server, it’s back. last time it happen right after the last patch we had and if i remember correctly …it came back by itself but not sure. it’s not a big bug imo but for some player it could be…if you don’t have the means to farm silver ore or coins. i just find the crystal farm a little boring and i prefere to buy my flask in sepumaru…lol hehehe

By the way love the new Pets…i’m going APE hahahaha and will go check those new cave up north i hear there is pretty sweet stuff there.

I love the Funcom message board here you guys Rock !! not like some of my other games dev…hahahaha Keep up the good work guy’s and gal’s Much love :heart::heart::heart: and like always KeepOnGaming

PS: if i may ask:…where can i post a respectfull,friendly msg about ppl who just say fix thing funcom and don’t even try to help the cause and also some bug counter i figure out thanks


Thank you for the additional details @Lordgangsta29, if you have any other concern that you’d like to share privately with us, feel free to send a DM to me or @Ignasi!

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Will do @Hugo !! Thanks again KeepOnGaming

Just FYI, this happens on Xbox as well. Completely shutting down the game and restarting seems to (temporarily) fix the problem.

now it’s on a private PvP server as well, 3 days and it’s not comming back

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