Since now 9 hours on pve conflict 2020 server fail to conect to the server

Since more then 3 hours i dont can conect to the server ii get a message lost connection to the server ive the problem happens restart game . Done it and nothing changes all other servers i can join whit no problem

Oh and i have reportet that already at the site wher you do this on top its show me ther are 2 players on the server but ii have no clue why this error is showing up and other servers working just fine

Still its not posibel to join the pve conflict server 2020 since now over 4 hours

This server was the last days full whit 40 peopels and today nobody can join this server and only 2 peopels playing at this server

Still not abel to conect to pve conflict server 2020

Its now already 7 hours that its not possibel to connect to the pve conflict server 2020

Still not posibel to join the server

Its still not posibel to join pve conflict server 2020

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