Single Player - doesn't continue when logged off?

Just for kicks I started a single player adventure - why not right?
I was going through the journeys, yada yada and put about 4k iron ore in a furnace and turned it on. It had about 3 iron ingots in it when I logged off. About 20 minutes later I logged back in and it had … 4?

Does that mean, unlike a regular server game, that crafting/thrall training does not continue and only runs when logged in?

If that is the case - that needs to be fixed pretty quick.

You are correct, think of single player as a server that runs on your PC.
To put it simply, if you’re playing, the server runs, and things get crafted, decay, etc. etc.
When you are not playing, the server is down, and nothing is updated, nothing gets crafted, nothing decays, purge meter doesn’t increase etc. etc.


When you log off the game in single player, the computer you are on turns off the whole game. So, yes, the whole “world” comes to a halt as if time freezes. There is no fix for that. That’s how computer games work.

However, if you want the “single player” experience AND want the world to continue when you are not actively on that game, there is a solution. You can have the game hosted on a different computer. To accomplish this, you could rent a server, set up your own game on it with whatever mods you choose to run (your game, your rules), and log into that server from your computer. It would be treated just like a public server, but you would have full control. You can play it as single player or with a group of friends. (depending on what size server you rent: I think the starting rate is a 10-player-at-one-time cap). The world would continue when you are not playing because its not running on your computer and you can have full control over the experience you want on that server (harder, easier, modded, vanilla, and so forth). Hope that helps.

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Or this for free:


It can’t be “fixed”. The game is a program. When you run it, it simulates the world. When you quit the game, the program stops running.

As others mentioned, either rent a server or host your own.

Basically gportal is hosting all official servers so they are able to keep them up and running 24/7. We are technically hosting our own single player game and when we shut down the system the game doesn’t run because there’s no host. Renting servers sucks but it would keep you game running offline. Because it would be hosted through gportal servers.

To clarify: G-portal is one of the options, but it’s not the only one. And as some of us pointed out, you can also host it yourself, by running the dedicated server launcher on a computer under your control.

If your machine is beefy enough, you can run the server and the game on the same computer, and just leave the server running when you’re not playing. (Of course, if you turn off your computer, your server will also stop running.)

Having my own server - I’m assuming there is a cost? But thanks for the info - that actually sounds nice

If you rent one or pay for a hosting service, then yeah, there’s a cost. If you run it on your own computer, then there isn’t.

In this case, you need to load the crafting station, start it and go do other things, run, fight, etc., but do not exit the game.

a old trick i did was have a spare console that was left on to work like a server. the only way to have the “always on” offline single player game is have a spare pc to act like a server and never turn it off or rent a server.

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