Is there a way to get the different machines to continue producing/ working after logging out in singleplayer?

So I recently bought the game and have finally learned the basics. Before I went to bed yesterday, I started breaking a thrall and melting a lot of iron ores. I expected these thing to be done the day after, but when I woke up and opened the game, I noticed that the progress seems to have stopped 5-10 minutes after I logged out of my game.

I had food worth 9 hours of burn time in my lesser wheel of pain. I also did some research and found out that when playing singleplayer, the server shuts down itself when you log out, and server shutdowns cause the machines to stop producing. Is there a way to get the machines working even after you log out of singleplayer?

No, there is no way for anything to function while you are logged out of singleplayer. If you have building decay on as well for singleplayer, that timer freezes when you’re logged out as well.

Welp, I guess I will need to stay afk in-game so my thralls can actually fninsh breaking. Thank you for your help!

You can lower the time for craft and breaking thrall in the parameters panel. There’s a button to make yourself admin there too. Very useful in single player.


As @Wolfrider4594 said the only thing you can do about it it’s to change game settings to use less time to craft things.

The game do not use the delta in the system time (new logon time - logoff time) to advance your craftings, it makes time-counters work only when the game is running.

Well, that means you can also keep CE running in background on your PC. Your character will die by thirst/famine but you can change settings to keep all your stuffs when you respawn, during this time.

This way you’ll continue crafting even if you’re not playing or you’re not even at home :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you! I did not know that such setting exists! I’ll use this as a solution to my problem. :grin:

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