Single player not saving on disconnect possible solution

This problem for me started 3 days after the hot fix. Not only was it freezing on disconnect but if your character died there was spawning issues as if the game was not recognizing your bed or bed roll and just throwing you into the desert and loading for 15 minutes while doing it. So, I put the ps4 in safe mode and rebuilt the Database. It took a bout 5 minutes for my ps4, but I don’t have a lot of stuff on it. I use a portable SSD for Conan. Rebuilding the Database seems to have fixed these two issues. I hope this can help. I’ve been playing this game for years, so I know how frustrating this is.
Here is an update; on my third log off it froze so it’s back to the same as it was. I just loaded the game after it froze and all the weapons on the wheel are gone. This game is unplayable.

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