Single Player NPCs Respawning/Reset

Looking for a bit of advice here. I currently play Single Player and am having such a headache with camps of enemies resetting every time I move out of line of sight.

Meaning if I check a camp, go somewhere for 5 mins and come back, the enemies are reset or respawned.

Great for farming thralls. Horrible for large camps.

Hoping someone can point me to a setting or a mod that fixes this.

Nothing (to my knowledge) will fix this in Single Player. The best thing to do is run a (free) dedicated server either on a spare computer/laptop or on the same PC that you play on. Just using the server as a glorified single player game will give you a MUCH better Conan experience.

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Single-Player doesn’t run the whole world at once. Most PCs couldn’t handle that. So the world runs only your immediate surroundings while the rest of the world hibernates until you return to the vicinity. Then the game loads that area from zero, meaning that stuff resets.

So if you want to clear a large camp, you can’t leave the area if you don’t want it to reset.

As DaVice said, you can run a Dedicated server just for yourself.

Indeed, solo at first, it’s complicated. But as you level up and from the age of steel, it becomes easier, especially with a named and well-equipped thrall.

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