Slow Loads/Inactive NPCs

Hey i am a long time pc player and decided to give xbox one a try. However, many camps will spawn npc/thralls late once you are already inside the camp for a while. Once they load in the npcs usually just follow you for a while and do not attack. Same applies for your own thralls too. Is this just the way xbox one conan is for anyone else? It basically makes the game easy mode for thrall hunting but it cant be how it is supposed to be.

This is single player as well

Hi @Supershamu, this is not expected behavior for the NPCs, do you happen to experience any similar issues when playing online or does it only occur in singleplayer?

Are you using admin mode or did you tweak your server’s settings?

Well i actually dont have an xbox live membership so it is really only offline. The best example of a location i can find it happen consistently is sinners refuge near the southern oasis. Only admin settings i have altered is day length, thrall craft speed, pet craft speed and purge time.

Which XBOX model do you have?

Is the game installed to its internal HDD?

Could you also specify which camps have produced this behavior?

You think it could have something to with the xbox model? Ill have to look that up but its one of the ones with an actual power button to push.

I dont think you can play the game unless its installed on the internal hard drive right?

I wish i was keeping track of camps but a few i can remember are scavengers berth, hunters rise, sinners refuge

Real quick it does happen and in some cases the npcbase won’t spawn for a second but when it does the npcs does that cause of some loading issues but give it 30 and it won’t be that easygoing also do give 30 seconds with them surrounding you that might not End well lol also if things are having troubles spawning in the area log out then back in and that will solve most of it but it’s due to a lag on the console witch does not effect player but npcs expect cell dungeons. Also note Incase you try to log out in dregs be careful cause kimono lizards will spawn in the beginning area were as they won’t spawn by first entry which I found out the hard way lololololol

All most all camps will do it if you get int there to fast or if there is a lot going on Also Xbox one And I had mine on bot in and ex but moved it to ex to get more space

Also I wish to say sorry for some of the spelling Apple’s damn autocorrect is annoying but I said that so many times that it appears in the word boxes so all I have to do is click them that is so sad

We need as much information as possible to forward to our team, which is why we ask about the hardware being used.

The XBOX One X is considerably more performant than the S model and having the game installed to a faster external hard drive or an even faster SSD usually improves loading times for both the game and its assets, as it’s possible to install any game to an external drive rather than the internal one.

There are also a few steps that you can take on your current console that can assist with performance and other issues that could be related to installation and patching:

  • Reset the console cache by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until the console powers off, then disconnecting it from the power outlet for a couple of minutes.

  • Perform a soft factory reset while keeping games and apps.

  • Perform a full reinstall of the game.

Oh yes mine is an S. Does conan exiles tend to not run well on the S? Ill try those 3 things and see if there is any improvement

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