Fix the no spawning NPC'S sooner

Cant even play the game cause there are no NPC’s to battle, not even any animals on the map and restarting doesn’t fix the problem, as g-portal tells you to do, got a server i can’t even play on cause there is no one on the map to play against!!!

Since this is not a widespread problem, it would suggest something wrong with the server you’re running.

First things first, any mods installed on the server? Edit: Saw the xbox tag. No mods then. Still suggests this is a server problem though (there’s plenty of those lately!)

Sometimes it takes a moment for NPCs to spawn after server restart. How long have you waited for them to appear? I’ve logged in next to Sepermeru and managed to run across the whole city before the people start popping in.

Curiously, Conan was there all the time. He doesn’t like to leave his booze unguarded.

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is this your personal server, or official?

More info the better they can help you with.

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