No NPCs for 10 min after restart on single player

Is this intended? I don’t remember it this way before. I haven’t unloaded all my mods to fully test, as some have a lot of dependencies. Hoping someone else already knows though.

Off hand, it’s probably a single player bug that can happen in some camps. Leave the area, via running far away, or port away using admin port, and port back.


ok, will give that a try. Thanks Multi!

Yep, that was it. I’m specifically at Sep and nothing will spawn there, until I leave the area, after first logging in. Tested it for 2 hours and nothing.

I have this on XBox also. I think since around 4-8 weeks. Teleporting is a Workaround, nevertheless it is a bug……

I too have had this happen in SP game. It has been happening for a very long time. Currently I use the Admin Rights Teleport to get them to spawn. I also notice that the Elk King that hangs out near the Chaos mouth will not spawn if I approach from the West heading East, but does appear if I head from East Heading West. North is top of map, East is the right side of the map, West is the left side of the map to be clear on the direction I am moving on the map.

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