Siptah Bloom to high, shadows to dark, skybox to bright

  • Can’t see stuff on the ground in some areas.
  • Been adjusting settings to try and fix.

it’s very doubtful this is not intended as those high contrast shadows and ‘brights’ are on island since it launched to EA

Ideally we should have advanced Graphics settings which include options along these lines.

Bloom Quality [—]
Screen-space Ambient occlusion on/off
Cinematic focus (depth of field) on/off
Lens Flare Quality [—]
Underwater View on/off

Texture anisotropic filtering [#x]
Visual fx Quality [—]
Soft particles on/off
Reflection Quality [—]

World detail distance [—]
Terrain detail distance [—]
Character detail distance [—]
Show high detail objects on/off
Max physics debris objects [-#-]

Dynamic Lighting on/off
Shadow quality [—]
Max lights per object
Max shadowed lights

Reduced File streaming on/off
software curser on/off
Minimum shadow buffer bias on/off
Reduce CPU/GPU usage on/off
Bloom intensity [—]
World texture detail [—]
character texture detail [—]
Framerate stabilizer [on/off]
Auto-stabilize framerate on/off
Limit CPU usage when inactive [on/off]
Multi-core rendering [on/off]
Limit Frame Rate [off-30-60-120]

K, this helps a bit.
MakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword]
r.BloomQuality 0
r.fog 0

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