Reflection day and night, image is blurred when building

Game mode: [ (Online official)]
Type of issue: [ Performance | Other ]
Server type: [ All Types]
Region: [ All Regions ]
Mods?: [ No ]

Bug Description:

A lot of reflection day and night, the image is blurred when building. Anyone with the same problem? Change all graphic settings, testing All things, only happens at Isle of Siptah, Exile Lands its OK. Same problem at Test Server and Official.

There is a Way to disable it? some times hurt the eyes…

What graphic settings are you using, and what’s your specs ?

Try switching between fullscreen and windowed mode -whichever one you are using- to see if there’s any difference, similar to the white haze issue on the island.


Thank you for your report, we will look into toning down all those flashy lights.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issue in our Lands. :slight_smile:


Here a video for better viewing

I find that disabling Bloom completely helps a lot.


Yes, or lowering it till it’s better. I lowered mine, not completely disabled it.
But may also depends GPU, drivers and more. Saw some strange effects in some streams i wateched.

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