Funcom, please strop trying to completely blind me. It actually hurts

Game mode: Any
Problem: reflections blinding players during rain
Region: any

Bloom/shiny effects during the rain are insanely blinding.
In this partiucular case, it is raining outside (building is roofed), and the light from the Forge is reflecting on the rug, making my eyes hurt.
My guess is light reflection effects either need adjustment.

Also, if engine allows for it, it would be really amazing to not have everything inside be wet when it’s raining outside.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a forge close to a rug.
  2. Wait for it to rain outside.
  3. Look a the forge.
  4. Go to the doctor, trying to cure blindness.

Screenshot: imgurdotcom/a/E8bFVov

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The link you posted isn’t working though the best idea would be to change some of your settings to prevent that.

@DarkDvr Or send a screenshot. You can do that via paint.

Oh, that is a mild case.
Probably due to low settings, my entire screen goes white. That truly hurts. :joy: :see_no_evil:

As you probably arent that long online, please allow me to load them up here.
The screenshots from imgur:

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Looks like it is due to the bloom effects.

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