Rain through the roof and reflections on the foundation from torches

I don’t know if the developers will see this letter or not, but I can’t play when it’s raining through the roof and the light from a torch shines in my eyes on the foundations.

Excuse me for my English, this is how the translator translated my message about the game problem.

For now, I had to postpone the game until these problems were resolved.

Make a working rain roof.
Enable / Disable Bloom (Light Reflection)

Thank you for understanding.


I have a quick question: can you actually see the raindrops (like you can when standing outside) or are the floors just wet?

The reason why I ask is because actual rain indoors would be a bug to report in the bugs forum. The wet floors, on the other hand, are an issue that Funcom repeatedly said they won’t be fixing, due to the constraints of the tech they’re using.

I do not believe that I have seen rain falling through the air indoors, but I do get the raindrops hitting the floors and puddling. I’m going off of memory here. I should probably confirm in-game but I am avoiding it for the moment. :wink:


Raindrops are only on the street, but the floor in the premises is wet + the reflection from the torch and my eyes hurt to see it.

These issues are still being addressed in the alpha testing phase, but it seems that (Funcom) have decided to work around these issues.

For example, take the game (Empyrion - Galactic Survival), the game has switched only to the beta version and is cheap and already has a whole roof, tightness, oxygen, temperature, indoors as well as outside. Many block shapes. I would swap the cost between games for the work done by the developers.

I see in Konan a beautiful picture of many creatures and a bunch of money laundering and not a great job.

I cannot write in another way, let’s speak as it is for real.

From what I can tell the rain effect seems to be associated with lighting effects. Any building components (for example a Stormglass sloped window) that lets light through also lets the rain through.

There is no connection, without light, too, rain passes through blocks of any shape, even through the roof or in caves, also (a storm inside a cave) a cheap trick to sell a broken game (business).

This error is still being resolved at the beginning of game development!
Funkom decided not to fix the problems in the game, I bought the broken game.

I already posted this problem on Steam.
This should be seen by everyone who wants to play and buy it.
I have negative feedback and a lot of problems in the game in the Steam comments.
I will play Skyrim better.
Anyway, developers don’t care about our comments on these forums …

This is part of game engine, not the game. A LOT of games have this issue.

Even Ark has this if you stand between 4 corner tiles, it’ll start rain effect on you.

It took all way up to Skyrim, for them figure out how not to have snow go thru objects. Which in itself was funny, cause we always pointed out… and it was a minor issue.

Its not really a bug… its a game engine issue with Unreal Engine (and many others) It requires alot of work to get objects to react and not react to weather and lighting effects. Some of them can be performance heavy.
Look at how long ray tracing is taking to get right, or even water reflections.

Not something to have a cow over… =/


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