Raindrops keep falling on my head

And that doesn’t mean I’m asking when this will be patched or complaining that it hasn’t been patched yet.

I’m just curious if any transparency could be offered regarding what the problem seems to be, what attempts to fix it have not worked, and what else Funcom might be able to share regarding the ‘indoor rain’ situation.

Hoping that a.) some insider knowledge about this will help pacify the rain-soaked and restless, and that b.) perhaps, given more detail, an outside source can weigh in and provide a solution or theory that Funcom had not yet considered.

Either way, would love to know more. Thanks guys!


I just wanna see; it’s almost always storming for me, especially in the jungle. Makes day like a pseudo-night, makes night time pitchblack, and dims all light sources.

At 1st I read the title and tried to keep the melody going as I read your post.

They’ve said the problem with the indoor rain has to do with coding different textures on the tiles. (Wet on the outside, but dry on the inside.) It was a few months ago I saw a mod post it. But they are working on it.

It’s on the trello board too.


So did I lol


A lot of it likely has to do with performance. There is a performance cost to doing everything, you only have so much “performance budget” to work with. Even 3D artists have what’s called a poly budget, you have to stay within the boundaries of the budget in order to make whatever 3D object you are working on be compatibile with the game you are putting it in. I don’t know for sure why, for example as you listed lamps don’t cast light through windows, but performance budget is the first thing that comes to mind.

…but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red.

Sorry, couldnt help myself. Aaand now I have the song stuck in my head.


I can feel you !

Had the rain problem in many games to. Sure, there are some mods managing more or less a workaround, but like said, mostly a workaround, and you have to make mostly a hard choice.
Really hope they will be able to fix it and we can have and eat the cake.

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I will love if funcom will make that rain to be less. At this moment 80% of time is raing, it dos not fell like you are in forest it feel like i need to build a ark and save all my pets. I experience 10 game days and nights in rain the just one day with no rain and agin rain. It is just to much. Then the fog in desert is realy distois the game play :frowning: . And all this details matter allot for a player kills your fun when see this abomination that make no sens

The rain effect is great, even the slippery rocks, but if I could tone down the rain sound that would be great5 as after a while it wears me out… the reason people wear ear plugs on motorcycles is to reduce ear fatigue… so yeah… maybe a slider to turn the rain effect volume down, or at least reduce the in game volume.

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I spend so much time in the jungle that when I take off my headphones I still hear the frogs and crickets…


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