Bloom And brightness eye strain

Hi there exiles! i have a problem/suggestion about the bloom in game that makes everything way too bright and shiny making me having an eye strain after only 1 hour of gaming!
I tried do alter brightness settings with no real results! For example i tried the command r.bloomquality 0 but unfortunately it doesn’t work on official servers . Most of the "shining " problems happen when you have a really white surface like Yamatai foundations and ceilings but it can also happen on black ice and other dark surfaces! Plus it becomes a real problem when you add torches to walls so i would like to suggest for the Dev’s to add an option to turn off that bloom crap or at least turn it down a bit!

P.S English is not my mother language so i’m sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes or bad context. Thank you for reading.

and the drum hit sound of inventory on ps4 sounds like the back of my tv getting punched.

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