My eyes hurt: ISSUE

I put this into the issue as well, but don’t know if it belongs in suggestions. Either way, the game is hurting my eyes due to lighting or flickering. Might be gamma, but I turned that down and it still hurts my eyes.

Would love to see a fix. Let me know if you guys are experiencing this as well or if it is just me.

Just you, to the best of my knowledge. No other game does this?

No, its almost like turning on a blinding light in comparison. My eyes are fine when playing other games, then I turn on Conan exiles, load into a server, and within minutes my eyes start to hurt.

I have a sort of flickering issue that is most noticeable with hair. almost like heat waves across the texture. Its a lighting affect issue, I think. I have my graphics turned way down, so that could be part of the cause.
my husband noticed it on my screen and pointed it out, and while I’d noticed it prior to that, I’d managed to ignore/tune it out. but once he pointed it out, I couldn’t unsee it for a time.
I don’t have this flickering in other games either.

To the OP: Some mods can cause blinding flashes as well. I recently added the Power stones mod to my single player game, and it seems to interact with lightning storms to produce blinding flashes from time to time. I’ve alerted the mod creator of the issue.

does it make your eyes hurt?

sensitivity varies from person to person. the flickering I mentioned early in my reply does not hurt my eyes, personally, but could be straining on the eyes for other people.
The flash caused by the mod DOES hurt my eyes, yes.

Mostly when it’s raining and with stations working which have a light source. Then sometimes the screen flickers completely white.

Do you have Power Stones mod? that mod causes the screen to flicker white, as I mentioned above. I did not have that issue prior to having a power stone on my character. (having the mod active didn’t cause it, but having the item in use did)

No, due to the server I am playing on, I use sexiles, age of calamitious and pippi.
Do you have an idea why it is that way? I have no clue how those power stones look like, under which circumstances this happens or whatever else. One is better off telling the modder or Funcom… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think this is something you could capture in a video and post on some video sharing site?

Pure visual issues are hard to describe, if it can be shown, it’s much easier to see the problem :slight_smile:


This right here. This is why this game has a great forum. The eye issue could very well just be from overplaying, hardware related, or personal sensitivity. Yet we have someone trying to see if it is the game or mod itself. Could have easily just been dismissed, but instead trying to find a solution if there is one. Kudos!!!

Sometimes I notice the desert areas become very bright, sometimes depending on how much I stressed my eyes during the day (I’m programmer too) it might give me “stars” on the vision.
My medic said it’s eye stress and I began using reading glasses, maybe you should have your eyes examined too.

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i work behind a PC all day as well dissecting SQL code and the such, so sometimes i don’t log in just because i just want to close my eyes and let them rest.

Just a guess, can it have anything to do with monitor’s refreshment frequency?, I am no expert, but I think the frequency is important to the way images from the monitor are percieved and interpreted by the eye.

Unfortunately no.

I will look for a screenshot later, though it would be a rather old one.
I have last experienced it myself in swungle during rain and during night.
Seems to happen when it’s nighttime or during dusk and when stuff is wet. If then there is a station (mainly furnace) with a light source which is working, the reflections of the wet surfaces seem to… overexaggerate?
This means that basically the whole screen starts to turn or rather flickers white. Pure stingy white.

I cant explain better.

Rain+night+working furnace = OUCH.

Also happens with lightsources and glass building parts by the age of calamitious mod - but a ton less severe.
Meaning I dont have a problem with that little reflections, but the whole screen turning or rather flickering white is a whole other level.

Basically reflections seem to be the issue.

Found one.

I think that one was on 1153 like 2 months ago or maybe a tad older. Should have been a nothern base during night while raining.
Image that without the inventory being shown, which at least reduces the pain a little.

And if you enjoy torturing yourself - imagine playing in a dark room, with no lights on except for your screen (though that isnt healthy for eyes eighter!) and then running around with ingame night (meaning even less light) and then this “sudden” flickering.
Not too easy to reproduce though.

So update regarding the original post. My eyes have been much better the past week. Not sure why yet. I switched to 4k settings on my xbox x because my new TV, then when I switched back to monitor I left the settings. This may be unrelated. I am trying to figure out what exactly is causing it. But since I’m on xbox, no mods are being used so while that may be an issue for others, it is not for me.

I’m not sure, but I feel like other games would also make my eyes hurt if that were the case. But it seems to only be conan.

Are you saying that on your screenshot, all the white around the various UI element is actually what the rest of the game looks like, pure white color like if it was painted around the UI ?

I’ve never seen that when I played, what is your hardware configuration (graphic card / driver version, etc…) ?

Yes… And maybe that explains why it’s such a pain.
Flickering makes it even worse.

Win 7 64 Home Premium (.Net 4.0 since 4.1 causes random frequent bluescreens)
Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3,1GHz
8 GB of Ram
Nvidia Geforce gtx 960

But really, it’s only happening with light sources when reflections are happening too and during dusk/night. And I seem to uncounsiously avoid furnaces during rainy nights now… :thinking: :joy:

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