Issue: eyes hurt

I don’t know if it is just me or not, is anyone else experiencing the lighting in the game making your eyes hurt? I don’t know if there is flickering, or if the gamma is too high, or what. I never had issues playing games on my Xbox before this one. At first I thought it was my eyes going bad (could be), but no other game makes my eyes hurt.

I have tried to adjust the lighting in game, gamma, etc. I have also tried to change the settings on the TV or monitor. Both do not seem to make it any better.

The Halloween update made it 10x worse, but it is still pretty bad for me.

I love this game, but its hard to play right now for me. I might try to get some glasses, but I really want to know if others are having this issue. Please like or reply if you are experiencing similar problems and if you have any solutions I am all ears (or all eyes).

Thanks Guys,

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