Atmosphere of Halloween

I like the darkness and the atmosphere of Halloween in the game. I don’t know why people cry. It’s cool, especially when meteorites are falling, I think that we are being raided)))
P.S Return Mayhem!

Some of us aren’t “crying,” we are having a physical problem with the atmosphere. In my case my eyes are burning after a few minutes of the blurry blue haze, few minutes after that massive headache. Dark I can handle blurry blue haze and flickering purple lights I cannot. And yes I have tried changing my settings, no change. And yes I am playing on single player until this is over, but that is a pathetic solution to this issue, tell players to stop playing on server and go play single player for a week. Would love to grab some meteors during this but can’t.

Atmosphere is great but all day blue light of Halloween night is terrible for my eyes.
I think that too high saturation and glooming.
It causes headache while playing.


i am played 15 h and i don’t have problem.

Khitan lanterns help. they don’t glow blue. but i get you. i already have trouble with seeing in the dark in this game, heh.

if you’re on a windows computer - try using the blue light filter included in windows. go to Settings>Display>Nightlight and try it. worst it can do is fail but it helped me somewhat.

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