Wet floor, wet clothes effect not visible?

I run a private server and I have a player that is unable to see some environmental effects like wet ground/floors and wet clothes in game as well as some effects added from Emberlight like the butterflies on the planter boxes. We are on PC and have done the following:

  1. Checked graphics settings in game. Everything set to ultra with same settings as mine.
  2. Checked 3D settings and etc in their graphics card and updated the drivers.
  3. Validated files and uninstalled and re installed game.
  4. Updated monitor cables and checked monitor resolution.

Searching for weather effects seem to only pull up complaints on how it used to rain inside and how it still does with certain stormglass pieces.
Yes the server is modded and we are NOT running anything that changes weather.
Screenshot to show how I see the difference with wet and dry floors while my player will see everything as dry. I’m not saying that my player can’t see the weather, can see the rain, snow etc, but not the wet ground or wet clothes effects. Any other suggestions?

Your best bet is to try this without mods. If the problem persists, then file a bug report with your specific settings.

If it doesn’t. Then you will need to try each mod individually to see which is causing the problem. If it doesn’t happen there, then its possibly a mod conflict or mod configuration issue.

Is the roof above glass by chance? The way wet floors are prevented breaks down if there is transparent material above the floor.

How could here be a mod conflict when we are all running the same mods and only one player has this issue? There are several players of which they are the only one which this type of effect isn’t working for. No one else is experiencing this, which is why I think it is a setting we are missing someplace on their system vs a mod issue.

No. The player and myself can be in the exact same location at the same time and I will see the wet floors and clothes while they will not. There are several players on the server of which they are the only one with this issue.

I see your confusion about glass ceiling. Here is another angle of that area. Where there is ceiling the floor is dry, where there isn’t it is wet. But my player will see the rainfall, but all the ground is dry.

Good luck then.

“Wet floor not visible.” = Bug.

“Wet clothes not visible.” = Feature. :grin:


Did you ever figure this out?

Having come back to the game recently - I am having an issue seeing wet textures now - on armor wetness only appears when moving - but when I stop, my gear is totally dry. Landscape wetness stops rendering near my character - as if its being culled in a about a 40 foot radius all around me.

We use a ui mod and fashionist - they never affected wet textures before - and dont appear to be doing so now - but Id love to figure out why this is happening.

Nope. We ended up having to do a server wipe with sorcery. It seems that maybe it resolved with the wipe, that there could have been some setting saved for the player on the server side, but IDK. We currently have it down waiting for a mod update so haven’t checked to see it still exists for that player.

A resolution came from a post I made on Redd-it. It seems that the wet effect has something to do with model collision of the character made. At the tallest height, the wet look goes away as if the character is too tall to see the effect, making the character shorter made the wet look appear.

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