Too bright storms

When will the new bug with storms whiting out the screen be fixed?

Last I read, they said that they couldn’t reproduce the bug on their end (Funcom’s) and were trying to pin it on mods. So I wouldn’t hold out hope for a fix if I were you.

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I’ll do some testing without mods then. Thanks, Socrates.

If it’s the one you get a few minutes after logging into game that does no damage then it’s not caused by mods. I get that on Xbox, it seems to be brighter on series X than it was on Xbox One.

That is exactly the one I mean. I will do more testing to see if it is the same with other storms.

I agree, it definitely isn’t being caused by mods (its been reported numerous times by players on official servers), but it doesn’t seem that Funcom is willing to acknowledge that its a problem with the base game, so it probably won’t ever be fixed. Thats all I’m saying.

Just like how all the ugly new lighting in the Exiled Lands will never be reversed as well (although that was presumably intentional).


Thankfully it doesn’t last long, a brief inconvenience soon after login. I’d find it quite annoying if it kept happening throughout a session.

The same thing is happening on ps4 too and we can’t have mods, hopefully it will be fixed.

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This happens to me every time I log in. After a minute or two, a fake storm rolls through and I have to wait a few minutes for it to pass because my screen is all but completely white. A fake storm on the client side has been happening since basically Riders of Hyboria came out. This is an official server on PC. I thought this was on their list of things to fix. It needs to be fixed.

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The developers have blinders on. I believe I’ve been experiencing this for over a year now every time of log in on PS4. Also I get the random storm that doesn’t blind nor damages me so many hours ingame too.

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Has not a thing to do with mods, I play Official PVE-C and get this occasionally still. I have been getting it since 2.2.


It’s time to turn off the storms until this can be resolved in my opinion. They are only relevant for the first few hours of game play. I can understand that the rain can’t be fixed indoors up north. But I know there was a time when the sand storms weren’t a problem. Burning my retina every time I log in isn’t fun anymore.


Best thing is, there is a
Sandstorm Fix by hades
that still works perfect since it’s release.
Maybe he is a wizard/witcher or warlock or somesuch… :smiley:

Funcom is aware of this.

We already know that he is aware of many errors, of what they do not seem to be aware of is the tiredness of the players from so many errors that they do not seem to know how to fix.

Well I suppose you could take that approach, or you could assume there is a reason its not fixed yet.

Of course, but there are errors that have lasted too long and not errors that affect the game experience little, they are serious errors such as the infinite load screen and that does not let you access the server where you have your things, I think it does not benefit them by telling them Well, what a good job you do when there are no obvious results of it, I repeat the same thing as in another thread, the only bad thing about the game right now is that errors are not corrected effectively.

Oh i get it too on Xbox one.
sandstorm a’comin
No matter if inside or out…its like a flash bang…
blinding light

Wish I could apply this to Officials!