Siptah - Shadows Way Too Dark - Color too Contrasty = major eye strain and headaches

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Bug Description:

My head and eyes are in massive amounts of pain after trying out Siptah. The shadows are so dark it’s like night time under the trees; the clouds moving across the sky trigger vertigo as I cannot slide their intensity down no matter what I try, and the color is way too contrasty in some party and washed out in others.
I have turned up my gamma ALL the way to fix the shadows but entering into my barely-lit base makes my eyes melt if the gamma is all the way up.

Exiled Lands is perfect.

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What type of video card and monitor do you have.

siptah does have this kind of contrasty imagespace, that said issues described are more likely attributed to DCR or similar crap-image-enhancer

I see, interesting. Is that something on my end?

Would you know of any mods to balance this?

many display devices have DCR and other features made to make oldschool “flat” movies look more modern, but in turn they look rather bad everywhere else and every single one of them seriously disturbs gamma linearity, which is not regular/gaming monitor strong point to begin with


NVidia Control Panel or AMD’s Adrenalin?