Siptah for moderators!


I am writing as a moderator of one of the Polish roleplay servers.

How long does it take before you give us Siptah to devkit?

The servers of the Polish roleplay dies scene, people want to play siptah, but without the possibility of editing it, we are not able to prevent the extinction.

None of the moderators is also able to create their own extensive and efficient map for their server. Life would be lacking for one person.

I am frustrated with this situation and see no future unless FUNCOM makes Siptah available to moderators for editing …

In total, that’s it, I poured out my regrets, counting on understanding and support.


In EA part of game there was text about siptah map as devkit , i am too lazy for now to search it, but it was something like this ""Because Siptah map is unique and that its DLC for money, there will NEVER be siptah devkit as tool , just because that someone dont pirate the whole map as free content in workshop “” this why only exile lands map is editable and siptah no, i dont know about mods but if u ask about map editing in devkit the answer is - NEVER

After all, there must be a way to share the map with devkit without breaking the DLC structure. I don’t know anything like that, but for example:

Make Siptah available while blocking the game on the server with this map to people who did not purchase Siptah.

Anyway, Siptah DLC is not only a map, but a lot of other - new things. Somehow I can’t accept the fact that it is impossible.

Personally, it is a sad fact for me and deeply I am counting on some Funcom solution.

I dont know about about npc, and other things, but the map itself like vaults and terrain is not editable, for now i try to find out that post from EA release to show what exact was said , like u can spawn npc and stuff in exile land from siptah, but u cant edit anything in siptah, because of paid dlc

about what u said on second part - the idea why its not there, is because there will be 100% someone who will use that map and release it without anything or sell it dunno where, sorry that i cant explain it more clear, i dont have such good english, but imagine it like ok they add siptah on devkit, 1 week later there will be full edits of siptah in workshop, so what point is to other players to buy siptah then if u can just download it on steam workshop…

I fully understand this point of view. Or maybe this action will make many players come back to the game, new ones will be tempted to buy the game itself as well as other DLCs.

Currently 8k players on steam, a sad number. Sometimes it is worth taking a different action, and maybe it will pay off with an increase in interest by other players.

Our Polish community of RP is dying, as I wrote earlier, and I can see a way to restore its original status from years ago. Unfortunately, I’m just a little worm in this wheel and my word counts for little. But I love this game and want a better future for it.

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