Siptah needs more names for locations

It would be a lot easier to discuss your finds if there were labels to identify geographic vistas and especially those scattered camps. What are the names of those rivers? What’s that interior lake where isles of Dusk and Dawn connect? What can I call those unnamed Stygian, Corsair and Accursed camps?

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Nah, this is Barbaria for exiles… Cartographers aren’t a thing yet and we would likely kill them if they were. Camps of over 4 or 5 guys are already named. Two dudes in a tent don’t really qualify. We have a Cartesian coordinate system now. That’s enough for me - maybe even too much!

The Hyborian Age wasn’t that uncivilized. The settings in Conan Exiles are the exception, for explained reasons. The settings in the movie were not representative of R.E. Howard’s setting, for no adequately explained reason because Hollywood just assumes audience ignorance (and they aren’t wrong about that.)

Also, there are camps of 6-10 people without names.

There are? Hmmm I don’t think I’ve encountered any. Can you give the coordinates?

Right where my cursor is pointing, 6-8 Accursed spawn. I have a base overlooking it, and I’ve picked up a lot of T4’s from there. In the other direction where the box is, there’s the safest entrance into the 1st forge, which is also not named on the map despite the 8-10 1st men that spawn there.


What are the coordinates? Can you give coordinates? You know the map is on a coordinate system right?

Yes, I know the map mesh is 3 dimensions. If I knew how to get and give the coordinates, I would’ve. Try looking at the map.

I think what @TeleTesselator is asking for is the grid coordinates on the map. When you open the map, you can see it’s divided into squares, and on the borders of the map you have columns labeled with letters from A to P, and rows labeled with numbers. Your screenshot seems to be in the G6 tile.

Also, if you want actual teleportation coordinates, I think the shortcut was Ctrl+L, but I’m not sure.


That’s correct. And here’s near teleport coords:
TeleportPlayer -156481.703125 236534.65625 -20057.091797

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G6, yeah, that’s good enough (and what I was asking for) - I wanna go look. :slight_smile:

Thanks CM…

There’s another camp down the coast, east of Temple of the Loon but not connected, ~6 Accursed, 1 boss.

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Lower Left… Yeah, 8 guys. Not sure those ruins with a few drunks around deserve a name on the map but I know what you mean now anyway. And those guys a drunkards and a half too - every box and chest had alcohol in them. :smiley: Weee…!

Someone built a castle next to them too… And where I am standing someone built one atop the broken aqueduct pillar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a fortress in progress right around there, with a fast elevator down. So far acquired Lianeele, Sonya, Ulrich, Llor and Vankel, not to mention the ones I lost. They party more than the Rave down there, I’m surprised none of my enthralled have hit my booze stash.


That’s the view of my base from the Accursed Camp, after emptying all of their booze stashes.

I haven’t yet met the thrall who brewed all that booze. I’d hire 'em. With my truncheon.

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