Help can’t find this

Someone told me a good thrall spot for named is Northern Sadswept ruins camp but I can’t find it

The place goes by the name of “Exiles Camp 24” in the official Wiki. You can find a map and some instructions on how to reach the place on the wiki page.

It’s a nice spot. I have a base built between the camp and some rhino/panther spawns. I do quite a lot of recruiting for crafters there. Do note that if you’re looking for Grr Legbiter specifically, be prepared to live up there for a looooong time…

EDIT: It’s a bit far from easy sources of water, so bring a water well or the Mitra statue thing with you. Otherwise you need to climb a mile-tall cliff or wade through packs of dangerous and aggressive animals to reach the river.

EDIT2: The camp, like most Exiles camps, has no map symbol. You may want to mark it on your own map once you find it.


@Kapoteeni said camp doesn’t have a name in the database. We changed it to its current name to allow for importing the 23+ other unnamed camps alongside it.

You are able to link wiki pages on the forums if you are not too new to the forums:

I have added your note about the water situation.
Anyone is able to contribute to the wiki :wink:

As Kapoteeni and TheLOLxd2 already explained,
we changed the also non official name “Northern Sandswept Ruins Camp”, we gave back in the days because it was close to the Sandswept Ruins, to “Exiles Camp 24” after we found out there are 23 other Exiles Camps and several of these has some very interesting spawns to mention too. Not only Camp 24.
The designation from 1 to 24 comes by the simple enumeration of the camps from west to east, until they get an official name someday.

  • All Exiles Camps you can find here with links to all these Camps with more informations, spawns and locations.
  • The Wiki Map also supports the inofficial tent Symbol (T_Map_Icon_camp_exiles) for these Exiles Camps.

And as a hint:
If you look closer to Camp 05, 07, 08, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23 you will see, they have the same crafter spawn like Camp 24. :wink:

Happy hunting

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