Grrr Legbiter HOW TO GET IT?

Hey, i’m having really hard time by looking for Grrr Legbiter armorer. Anyone already have it and maybe got some tips how to get it faster? :slight_smile:

I know 2 locations that he may spawn, even though he is a very rare spawn, even after the adjustments to spawn rate.

  1. he spawns east of the broken bridge (noob river). there is a spawn camp (one campfire) there are 3 thralls spawning there but also 4-5 crocs… so you have be fast enough to kill the crocs before they kill the thralls.
  2. Exiles Camp 24 - 2 thralls spawns there. 1 fighter 1 crafter on a random basis.

@Mavolin if the info is current, you’re invited to contribute it to the wiki. The coordinates or a more exact description is preferred of course. Anything is welcome.

I know where it spawns. The camp with crocs you say it’s not that camp, wiki shows the other one camp close to crocs.

Grrr can apparently spawn in any Exiles camp with with a random spawn, if it has 3 or more npcs then it has a random spawn. I’ve personally gotten him at the Camp south of the river just east of the sentinels.

The one and only trick you need to get Grrr is “patience”. Lots and lots of patience! Personally I don’t have it, or at least not enough, so after a while of camping the relevant spots I just gave up on the whole thing and dismantled my nearby wheelbase.

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I agree with that, patience is what you need, depends on you luck of course. I personally don’t use Grrr because I’m not wearing heavy armor (pvp server)… but my thralls use that armor (went a bit stylish there lol) I’m in the desert near a darfari camp so darfari armor for my thralls is kinda a requirement lmao.

There are lots of camps in the game that act like the “Exiles Camp 24” in the wiki.
I have personally seen Grrr Legbiter at the camp that sits on the south side of noob river on a small cliff overlooking the water, about halfway between the broken bridge and the sentinels. It’s directly across the river from the croc king pool.
They’re occasionally fighting a shellback when you come upon them.
I’ve gotten most of the t4 thralls from “camp 24” here. (Why did the wiki change the name to that? It used to be something else.)

I’m pretty sure the camp on the south side directly underneath the broken bridge works like this too, since I’ve seen a couple of the same t4’s there as well.

Those camps are not named ingame. We added all of them to the wiki last month iirc.

I know there is thralls that just spawn randomly or have a % chance to spawn where another spawns. Though, someone else than me would have to describe how/where it works, since I don’t look at those things or have enough knowledge of them.

We hope to get any information which we can’t datamine from the community, prefferably by people willing to help contribute to the wiki itself.

Meanwhile, this is the pile-up of things to-do for the only 3 active (2 nit actively playing) wiki editors. :upside_down_face:

Tldr; I haven’t created the page, I don’t know where and why thralls spawn. Sorry I couldn’t help you with it. Such info is still needed on the wiki.

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