What's the big deal with Grrr Legbiter?

I just started playing Conan Exiles during the free play weekend on Xbox so I’m still learning about lots of stuff here. I understand the uses for named thralls and why they’re so desirable in crafting stations and as base defense. I’ve seen this particular named thrall mentioned on a few different threads tho, and I’m wondering if there’s something special about him specifically.

I’ve also encountered and accidentally killed him on the noob river. I think it’d be pretty ironic if everyone is trying to find this guy, and I just happened along and chopped him up for meat in the starting area at level 20.

He is the only thrall that makes heavy epic flawless armor that grants the +9 to strength. You can get the same stat boost from the Pict DLC, but he is the only one that can make the heavy strength armor (which is called the Hyperborean Slaver) without a DLC.

Wow. Guess I shouldn’t be so quick to draw my blades lol. Could’ve sworn it showed him as a fighter tho not an armorer. Didn’t realize fighters could be placed at a workstations. It won’t let me place any artisan thrall anywhere except inside a workstation so I guess I assumed the opposite would apply too

Fighters cant be placed in the crafting benches, the same as crafters cant be used as guards (like fighters or archers). Most likely you are just seeing what are called “legendarys” either fighters or crafters that bear a name instead of “XXXX Fighter III”

So is there a difference between a named thrall and a “legendary”?

I’ve seen various types of thralls at this small camp at levels 1 to 3, and 3 different named thralls as well. Searching online tells me all 3 are armorers so it must be a good spot to find those, and that my memory of Grrr must be a little faulty. I also killed Ternis Burnbritches there the other day, and managed to capture Enis Ironwrought who is still cooking in the wheel.

It’s always 3 npc’s there: 2 that are level 1 fighters or archers, and a random 3rd that apparently can be a named armorer sometimes. It’s the one on the hill overlooking the water, about halfway between the broken bridge and the twins. They’re occasionally fighting a shell back when you see them

He used to be only available at one spawn point and it was shared with pretty much every artisan exile thrall in the game.

As you have noticed, he now spawns at many of the camps with 3 NPCs. From Abyssal to the original Sandswept ruins. Many of these named Armorers are gifted with a single set of flawless. Some have none in their list but can still be useful as they all craft flawless exile sets and any DLC sets you have available. And even a ‘junk’ named has 50% material bonus so items like the Perfected liners are much cheaper to make. Even mundane items like twine can be made by a named Armorer for a single plant fiber using the entwine recipe. Not to mention you get to off load that wait.

Any named Artisan is a good find really. Though I will take Tier 3 female Nord smelters and Alchemists first. That’s just because they sit at their stations topless though and I am sad that way.

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No, named and legendaries are the same thing.

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