Slave model issue after official server merge

Game mode: [Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict ]
Region: [ Please enter your server region ]
Mods?: [ no ]
Edition: [ Steam ]

Bug Description:

After the recent merger of the official servers 6206 and 6452, most of the slaves we brought over as the transferred tribe were transformed into a model of a white-haired naked man, no matter what he had been before,Even a fighter.I can’t upload images because I’m a new user

Installed Mods:

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Thank you for your report. We have updated your forum rank so you can send us the pictures.
Additionally, can you tell us how many people in your clan were carrying thralls and noticed this issue?

We appreciate your support.

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Uploading: 20220319230434_1.jpg…

They’re like this, all of us from the 6206 server tribe moving to 6452


Thank you for the pictures. Can you tell us your clan name on server 6452?
Also, if possible, can you share the in-game map showing the location of this base?

Feel free to reach out in private via a direct message if you prefer.

I just immersed myself in the game and did not reply to you in time, thank you for your prompt reply. My native language is not English and the translation may not be very accurate


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