Slave with wrong name or function

I found a slave on a decay base with the name “Donia, Keeper of the Riddle of Steel”, but as my game is in Portuguese “Donia, Guardiã do Enigma do aço”.
I researched it on the Wiki and it appears to be a legendary blacksmith.
To my surprise, the footman I found has the tanner icon and I can only use it in the tannery.
I have another slave with everything right. See the print.

Is there any way to resolve this?

Looks to me like there has been a mistake in the language files or something like that. Seems more likely that what you found is actually a tanner, and that the name is wrong, rather than the name being right and the thrall being wrong.

You should post this in the Bugs section though IMO.

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There was a database error that caused certain NPCs to spawn with the wrong name. Donia was one of the names that were applied to a wrong thrall. The one you found (the tanner version) is one of these thralls. It’s supposed to be someone else (a T4 tanner), but Donia’s name tag seems to be stuck on him/her.

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