Stygian Priest II (Seneschal)

So yesterday I captured a Stygian Priest II, which happens to be a Seneschal. This is odd, because he isn’t named and it says Priest II. So is he a T2 or T4 Priest now? He has the Seneschal blue icon in the top corner, but didn’t had the T4 typical special colored health bar when knocking out. Captured at Siptah’s Ascension at K10. Looks like a Set Priest and goes into Set shrine.

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There are a lot of messed up names in the 2.3 patch. Report them all. I just captured a couple tanners that are named “taskmaster…”

I have an armorer named “Blacksmith” and I think an Alchemist named for the wrong profession too.

The easiest thing would be for Funcom devs to just manually spawn every single named thrall and make a spreadsheet of all the mistakes. It is almost like they just put them all in a blender or something.

I saw a senedchal level 1 priest , with golden bar, it’s the one praying in front of the temple where you learn the stigian Palisades recipe

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Lol, oh brother…

I remember in Exiled lands a few months ago one fighter I killed outside Set city suddenly had his name in German after I killed him. Go figure…

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I have that same issue on all thralls for a couple months now. The game suddenly decided even though my Steam is set to English and so is my game, after killing it translates every single npc into German. on EL and Sipath, till date. Maybe a regional thing, because I live in Germany or the server I play on might be located in Germany idk.

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