Slider in “purge trigger value” problem

I am playing on ps4 and when I try to chance the “purge trigger value”, the slider only lets me choose 0, 4200 and 1000 (Not certain on the numbers but there are only 3 options to choose from).
Is there currently any way to fix or chance that?

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Not yet. Mines stuck on 0 and 100k That all it’ll let me set it to. XD

We don’t have full keyboard support yet, Its something there aware of and know we want.

You can click “default setting” to revert it. And go back and manually change it. It varies from slider to slider.
Example is food/thirst. It’ll drop to 0.7 and 0.4, if you go 0. Then click up, it’ll go 0.4 then 0.8 (??) I forget) and then max.
Damage Multi does this to, it’ll stick to .3 and .7 and 1.1, if you max it out. it change what slider does. Its abit frustrating till the find a way fix it.

And I’m Mute, been waiting for keyboard and text chat support for awhile… gotta hang in there. XD


Hey @Milla

Welcome to our community.
We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it. Until it’s fixed, we recommend changing the settings via G-Portal’s admin panel if it is happening in a private server.

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How about enabling text chat on consoles… It’s not that hard… And if you think it is then you shouldn’t be developing games


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