Server sliders need to be finer

Game mode: singleplayer
Problem: misc
Region: [Here]

Hello funcom or anyone else who reads this.
Ive been playing conan singleplayer for awile now and ive been tryinf to adjust fhe sliders to allow for more frequent purges.
Whenever i adjust the slider for the purge meter it goes to 100 or 0.
0 seems to disable them and the default number is 42 so 100 isnt any faster.
Perhaps im missing something but it would be great if the slider were more precise. Or i could just enter the number manually.

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The slider value works opposite of how you thought. Zero will get the purge right away.

I’ve noticed this too on sp. there is no real middle ground with the adjustment of sliders. It’s like max or min lol. As stated needs to be adjusted so we have some control over the numbers here.

For a temporary fix, use the “Purge meter update frequency” (last option, default 10 minutes), set to 5 (2 times faster purge), or 0 (almost-instant purge). Bear in mind after setting this value to 0 you need to wait until the previous timer expires (ex. 0-10 minutes if it was set to 10), and after that the purge meter will fill rapidly. Don’t forget to set back to 5 or 10 as soon as it fills or you may face back to back purges.

We do need better control in the server settings, it’s almost completely useless now.

Source: reliably triggered 10 purges in SP this way.

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Hey @Mailman

Welcome to our community.
We’re aware of an issue with some sliders going from one end to the other with no in-between.
Our team is looking into it.

Thanks for your feedback.

@Ignasi please don’t forget that even for the sliders that do go in-between, the values are too coarse. For example the crafting time sliders need a 0.1 step and the purge frequency timer needs a 1 minute step.


Yes. Absolutely need finer controls for the sliders. Changing a setting by just 0.1 can have a large effect, and yet for some reason on PS4 the only option is to move by massive 0.5 (or bigger) chunks? This makes many of the settings (which default to 1 and most people adjust LOWER) near pointless.

A modifier (hold L2 or something while moving the stick) to move in smaller steps would I think be ideal.

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