How do I need to adjust the purge sliders in Single-player?

I don’t quiet understand how the sliders are supposed to work - I want the purge to happen faster since I am playing single player and the default settings are a bit too much it seems (I only had 2 purges in almost 300 hours), so how do I need to adjust the sliders that the bar fills faster? Set the numbers higher or lower?

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You need to set it down so if its set at say 40,000 set it at 20,00 will be twice as fast .


Ok thanks, I will try that out!

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Problem with single player purge is once you filled your purge meter - it will never reset. From that moment on, you will fighting purges non stop :laughing:
Keep this in mind, because you can get a maximum of 30 minutes of preparation time, before purge hits you. I end up disabling Purge all together via admin panel, when I am not in the mood to fight it - you don’t have to restart your game, just turn Purge off in the menu, the message will appear telling you Purge has been defeated and it will stop coming.

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That is not true, in single player if you fill your purge meter you have purge, meter is then empty after you defeat the purge and the cycle starts again till your meter fills again, it is not non stop purges.

Depends on where you have your setting set.

I had 2 purges already, I killed all waves and the bar needed to fill up again. Weirdly enough, the thrid purge disappeared during the preparation time when I exited the game because I had to do something. When I started it a few hours again the bar was empty and I had to start over.

Can you share you Purge settings, so I can run them in my session and try them out?

Sure, nothing fancy though but here they are.

Hope gives you enjoyable purges, I get one every other day or so depending on what I do in game.

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