No purge meter original ps4

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Game mode:Singleplayer, offline, custom difficulty
Problem: Bug
Region: USA
So I’m not completely sure what the deal is but I’ve been playing a decent bit but I still don’t have a purge meter on my inventory screen plus on my stats page I’m unable to scroll down to read all my info any advice is welcome

Repro steps:

I also play singleplayer on a PS4 Pro and my purge meter is working. It fills very very slowly in yellow and every time I exit the game it resets to 0. I am also in the begginers area so it may be a possibility that in this area the purge meter fills slower than in other areas of the map. You can try experimenting with the sever settings of the purge so it triggers at a faster rate. The purge meter increases with every NPC you kill, how much you build and how much time you spend in game.

I went in to my server settings and couldn’t even find an option for purge I feel so lost at times with this game it’s fun but very “teach yourself”

Here’s the option mate. I agree that there should be a tutorial and I also wish the wiki was updated regularly, but if you have any doubts on the game mechanics check the wiki and there are also some guides online.
You should experiment with the “purge meter trigger value” till you find a value to your liking.

Thank you for the screen shot now I at least have an idea where to look

You are welcome. Also,

I forgot to tell that if you can’t modify the settings, make sure you have activated the “Make me Admin” option.