Smaller version of the Animal Pen

An Animal Stall.

Only holds one critter but it’s smaller and can easily fit in a reasonably sized base with no weird bits that sink into the ground (meaning it sits smoothly on top of foundations).


+1, cause it would help alot with smaller starter bases!

Thou the sink base below ground is fine with me, I tend to like it sunk in ground by itself.

I think this is a fine idea. Have five of them require at least as much room as the current Animal Pens if you feel there’d be balance issues in having it smaller.

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You can plop a lvl 1 anywhere on the ground.
Letting the pets inside EAT inside might be a better effort
Heck I saw one in the river once.

Yes, you can place them without foundations, but they take a huge amount of space, which means it’s hard to fit them inside protective walls in even huge bases unless you plan your base around the animal pen. Having a pen with a smaller footprint would be very useful.

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We put ours up high, away from the main compound. Keeps the flies and smell down.


Signed. I find the main one is just a little too bulky, and obstructs the nice view at my homestead. So I relocated it to a bit further down the ‘road’, and it is now equipped with its own thralls to guard it.

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