Snake outside the ghost fence

Giant snake outside the ghost fence? L2 in the beginning area, looking east out of the ghost fence I spotted a large snake slithering away. Is that supposed to be there. I have a capture.

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Upload photo. Is it a pet?


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Could it be like the giant crocodile outside the ghost fence, north of Buccaneer’s Bay?

Where is that fellow, @RedLynx23 ? The only one I know there, is on this side…

Past the fightable giant crocodile, northeastern shore of Buccaneer Bay. If you approach the ghost fence, then a giant crocodile outside of it will run by.

Thanks @RedLynx23 .
I will look for it. :blush:
Then I may pay it a visit just to see if it drops a key.
On admin mode, the green wall is more like a suggestion… :smile:

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