So the aquilonian t3 fencing does no damage?

I just rubbed up against some new aquilonian t3 fencing it does no damage and is useless therefore against climbers.

Not a great feature.

Really? You on pc? Will have to test that on ps4.

Regular fencing or the crenelated…? Your assertion is a bit ambiguous. Regular fencing should not cause damage, only the crenelated.

Also what do you mean by rubbing into? On the ground, most fencing has no impact. I’ve it seen damage/disruption of movement only when climbing.

Correction the player has their fencing turned inward/backward so I was taking no damage lol.

Even with outward facing spikes I am taking no damage as I move along them or hop onto the fence. Black ice and reinforced brick you do.

alright now I am taking damage so i guess its working lol

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