So we have New cool Dragon armor. But where are the bones?

Ok, you are the First but gives me hope. Still around border of j8/9?

Official or private if i may ask?

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Both not easy surges, you can do central for more weapons also. I am aware of surge drop of dragonbones, but how u see a New player getting to the point where he can defeat a surge?

Maybe this is intended to be only like this, in a way i like it, but i am stubborn and think only around New player experience with the game.

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Official, yes, this place. But sometimes I can’t see the second dragon

True, on official you would only be able to get 1 per storm. I have seen the Dragon since the patch… I think. Will try to find it again.

Yeah private is the way to go for sure. I only play with a few mods but a couple of them I consider essential.

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As i expected, storm to short sometimes. If he spawns fast, you might get then 2 of them, but you will have to be in place right when Storm starts kill the First one in :edit under a minute edit: and maybe enough time to get the 2nd.

I swear to you, i will stay at the spawn Spot for hours today :))

There are 2 dragons that spawn during the Maelstrom.They are south east of the middle of the map on a ridge line that runs east and west.You have to ride your horse around that area during the storm to make them spawn.They spawn one at a time.You will get 7 dragonbones each when u kill them.If they dont spawn the first time keep trying and they will.Let me know if u find them.
I-9 and J-9
U can kill both just place a couple extra thralls there to help.

Sireneloreley tested that Spot and it seems 1 dragon spawns shortly before storm ends.

I killed a dragon and got… 0 dragon bones.

This was after it used a supercharged/glitched breath attack to 1-hit KO me (78% DR, full 598 health… and blocking).

Assuming it doesn’t bug out it’s a huge PITA if you get a double-dog spawn as they can easily stunlock you to death working with the dragon. There has got to be a better way, no friggin’ way I’m doing that again if I’m not even guaranteed to get some dragon bones.

That can happen aswell :slight_smile:

And yes, that fireb breath of his is deadly if it Catches you so close to him :slight_smile:

There are two markers in this map screenshot. They are the two in the SE of the map, that are close to each other. There be dragons (in a storm). Good luck! I have a mountain of bones now.

I would not go so far and say, i got a mountain of it. Hard to beleive that, you either play alone on the Server or on raised gather Rates.

I saw one dragon, spawned to late to be able to kill. Unless someone places a handfull of thralls around to nuke him Down in under a minute, you cannot kill it.

You get 7 bones/kill on official, getting a mountain of them will require you at least one week. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve killed 5 dragons and haven’t gotten a single damn bone. I’ve tried a star metal skinning knife, pick, and cleaver. So far all I’ve gotten is a few horns and mountains of meat. It’s honestly not worth it, they’re a pain to kill in a very limited, time-gated window. They drop absolute garbage and seem to have a low chance to even drop stuff to craft with.

I can’t recommend trying to get dragonbone by killing these dragons, it’ll just lead to frustration. I’m hoping people eventually find another way to obtain them. If you hate yourself and want to farm them anyways, stage 2-3 beefy thralls with good weapons around their spawn area to help out. And watch out for the double-dog spawn, they can easily stunlock you to death with the dragon…

This is what we got until now, 1000 swirling Chaos surges, dismantling bench and the 2 dragons.

All of the above are maybe doable with end gear.

Do we really need to hide the dragonbone armor behind so much grind?

Yeah seriously, this has got to be the worst grind I’ve encountered in Conan and I’ve gotten two Sword of Crom lol.

To add more fun to the pile of garbage, my last two maelstroms didn’t have a dragon spawn until like 1 minute before the storm was over. So I wait for the maelstrom to pop, drop whatever I’m doing to make sure I’m there for the start, wait around fighting annoying trash, nearly kill a dragon, then have it disappear mid-fight because the storm ends. Twice! Although even if I did kill it it probably wouldn’t drop anything of use anyways…


Although the stone grind is what i find the worst. After all these years of playing i still cant get enough of it.

Yeah the dragon bone situation is awkward.

I ended up adding a bunch of Lloigors to my server with dragon bone added to their loot table.

oh yeah, I never play official. Official servers are too irritating to play. The game needs mods and adjustments to default to make it worthwhile for me.

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To be more constructive, here’s what I think would make the dragonbone situation better:

1 - Make the dragons guaranteed to drop some when killed and skinned. There should be some kind of guaranteed payoff for killing an enemy that tough and crafting materials seems like a no-brainer for that. I remember always getting dragon parts from them on Exiled Lands so idk why it’s intentionally worse on Siptah. Are we fighting boneless dragons? :thinking:

2 - Add them as rare drops from higher end mobs. I think putting them in the accursed loot table with the same frequency as hardened steel would be about right. You don’t get a ton but kill enough people and you’ll see some! It makes sense too since they’re, you know, camped in the maelstrom.

3 - Maybe add them as possible loot from the vault end chest. That might make it too easy to acquire as you’d never have to venture into the center to get them. Maybe make it super rare in those?

Ah they don’t seem to care. I’ve been trying to get GM Armorer for 5 months now, it’s absurd.

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