So we have New cool Dragon armor. But where are the bones?

To be more constructive, here’s what I think would make the dragonbone situation better:

1 - Make the dragons guaranteed to drop some when killed and skinned. There should be some kind of guaranteed payoff for killing an enemy that tough and crafting materials seems like a no-brainer for that. I remember always getting dragon parts from them on Exiled Lands so idk why it’s intentionally worse on Siptah. Are we fighting boneless dragons? :thinking:

2 - Add them as rare drops from higher end mobs. I think putting them in the accursed loot table with the same frequency as hardened steel would be about right. You don’t get a ton but kill enough people and you’ll see some! It makes sense too since they’re, you know, camped in the maelstrom.

3 - Maybe add them as possible loot from the vault end chest. That might make it too easy to acquire as you’d never have to venture into the center to get them. Maybe make it super rare in those?

Ah they don’t seem to care. I’ve been trying to get GM Armorer for 5 months now, it’s absurd.

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