So you can't Pull Thralls out of the Volcano through the Loading Zone / Screen?!?!?!?

I’m trying to pull thralls out of the Volcano through “The Floe” Passage and as soon as I dragged the thrall through the loading zone it disappears…

Are we suppose to be building Wheels of Pain in the Volcano?

This is stupid…

Sure, ‘Map rooms for dummies’!

You could use Road of the Righeteous, yeah?

(Not a typo on my part, that’s how it is in the game.)


pretty sure any travel into / out of the volcano causes the loading screen

That one does not. Try it. :slight_smile:
The Hidden Way also does not.
The High Way, The Floe and Dragonmouth all do.

well I gotta say, that is pretty darn stupid then and should be fixed

I believe it’s because when you exit via those three routes, it sends you to an area that was out of rendering range before you exited, whereas the other two exits do not. (Three are caves, two are roads.)