Getting Thralls From The Volcano

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Hey everyone. How on Earth are you supposed to get any thralls from the volcano? I’ve taken two different thralls with me into the volcano, and they both died from falling into the lava! So how are you supposed to get thralls outside once you’ve captured them, without dragging them through lava?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Take them different direction?
Build bridges over lava??

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Oh can you actually build in the volcano? I hadn’t thought of that haha

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in Single player, I got bridges all over so I can short cut across to my home near obilesk. makes going afk lot easier knowing your not gonna burst into flames. XD


haha oh awesome! Thanks for the info. Very handy indeed. I’m terrified of the volcano after my first trip there haha

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Hey there,

Our team is looking into a few different solutions to make thralls a little less prone to throw themselves into the flames of fiery death. Until then, @Sera67’s solution seems to be quite handy of you have the time, resources and commitment to do so :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback.

@Jman99 you can build a map room and thralls you’re dragging will teleport with you.

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