Sobek boss not spawning.....?

yea hes not spawning for me in single player mode…anyone else having this issue?

Mods? Have you built a base near or above it?

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I got into single player just for funsies and flew around, didn’t see the miniboss spawned a little after you posted. But I wanted to see if anyone else knew anything. Just checked again, no miniboss. Even checked around in the terrain.

So quite possibly bugged or removed for some reason.

Seems related to this:

For me, it helped to switch from Single Player to server. But some NPCs are still missing.

Can confirm. Boss isn’t spawning. PS4, here. Wanted to farm his armour :joy:

If you play single player, go admin mode, teleport to a distant location and go back. A lot of NPCs, animals don’t spawn at first, when you approach it in a normal way, but teleporting away and back helps.
And try going into ghost mode and check the giant rock croc! It probably swallowed him! (Also happened to me, the boss spawned inside the crocodile statue.)

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Well, I did go ghost mode and check underneath his spawn point, but not directly inside the crocodile statue, itself - I’ll try that! I’d try the teleporting trick, but my current character is kinda squishy so I like going around with a Thrall. Ever since 2.4.6, Thralls have had a hard time teleporting alongside me and typically stay wherever I teleported from, which requires me to desperately teleport back before they just spontaneously die from want of my sweet, sweet company :joy::ok_hand:

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No mods,straight vanilla…never had issues b4 but there have been updates since I played last. Lol
I’ll try looking in ghost mode too…glad it’s not just me tho!..I’m on PC btw

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For me, mainly playing SP - Testlive, the boss has had issues spawning for over a year.

Could anybody post teleport cords so I can take a peak too?

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Aridis, Chosen of Sobek can be found at the following locations:


Hey there,

We’ve moved this thread to bug reports. We’ve also sent this to our team so we can investigate this issue further.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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