Solo-Player Game Locked

Test-Live - SoloPlayer

Offline Mode
Female body/armor

Currently level 49 and running around putting map locations on for XP.

My character just left Sinner’s Refuge and was heading to the unnamed exile camp to the left and up the slope.

The game froze. I could not exit the game or switch to any other windows (Steam or Task Manager). I had to restart the computer to regain control once CE Test-Live became Unresponsive.

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This is interesting to me. As you know, I just left the US3 testlive server to start running a solo testlive. A few hours ago, I was inside the dregs and it was locking up with a hard freeze of CE, every time I went a few steps. I had to open task manager and force stop CE each time. I started taking out all my mods, a few at a time, but ultimately no luck. I reverted the garbage collection fix back to it’s original state and no luck. I finally just did a reboot of my laptop and then Dregs was fine again.

Also, I’m getting a lot of laggy play in solo, which is gone now when I play on US3 or my own dedicated server. Not sure why solo does that. It uses the same settings for garbage collection and when I connect to servers, or so I believe.

“Garbage Collection”?

Can you provide more details on the issue you are having. I also play the SP TestLive and have not seen this issue.

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There was that fix someone posted in the Steam forums for CE, which Multigun reposted in here. In your defaultengine config file, there is a garbage collection line that you change from true to false, which really helped with the lag spikes introduced in the big December patch. If you need the info, I can give you more specific details.

If this was directed to me, I literally put everything in the original post. There is little more that I can add except that the three exiles guarding the entrance to the Sinner’s Refuge were chasing to the slope up to the left and the game locked before I made it to the slope. My intent was to run past the small exile camp to the left and head to the Sentinels.

Will see if that happens to me.

I did this with no issues in my TestLive SP game. Might be one of the mods you are using. Not to spoil it, the camp has a name now.

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When I restarted the game, I was able to run through without issue. That was a tough one as it is hard to replicate.

On a side note: when I ran through that small camp, it did not add a name unless you mean in the next Testlive update it will have a name.

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